ISO and the Environment

The ISO 14001 family of standards provides practical tools for companies and organizations of all kind to manage their environmental responsibilities. 

Master Antoine Zuidema and the crew on board the THhun Goliath managed in reducing the enormous amount of plastic water bottles. All on board received a BPA free food-grade stainless steel bottle  and together with water filters-sets they contributed to a world of less plastic bottles. 

To emphasize this idea Master Zuidema made a calculation as a example:

- 1 bottle a day per person
- 13 crew members on board
- per year  4745 bottles (not counting all other bottles  from olive oil, sunflower, ketchup, mayonnaise 

verkorte versie ISO   

6 reasons to never drink bottled water again!

1. Plastic bottles are not sustainable
2. Most bottled water is glorified tap water at 10,000 times the cost
3. Many bottled waters contains toxins chemicals. 



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