Chief and watch officers for tankers

Chief Officers and Watch Officers for tankers

Job description

As a Chief Officer you will be responsible for the loading and unloading of the vessel and for the work on deck. In addition to the necessary administrative jobs, you will be responsible for safety equipment on board. As the Chief Officer, you will replace the Ship Master in his absence, you are capable of navigating the vessel and take decisions and manage the crew independently so they know their responsibilities and are able to perform them to the best of their abilities. As a Watch Officer or Deputy Watch Officer you have the competency, among other things, of performing guard duty on your own and act as the safety officer.

Job requirements

  • Certificate of Competency; Chief Mate, Watch Officer, or Maritime Officer with oil/chemicals endorsement
  • Prior experience on a tanker is an advantage for a junior officer, and an absolute requirement for a senior officer
  • A good knowledge of the English language
  • Knowledge of ISO/ISM/TMSA regulations
  • Knowledge of and experience with maintenance systems
  • Practical computer experience in Word and Excel

What we offer

  • Various leave - sailing schedules
  • 8 weeks - 8 weeks
  • 16 weeks - 8 weeks
  • Other leave - sailing schedules can be discussed
  • An excellent salary
  • Excellent opportunities for training and education
  • Career advancement opportunities

More information and applications

More information about the vacancy and the career opportunities we offer? Please contact Loek Vader, Crew Manager Marin Ship Management, phone +31 596 63 92 22, or send you curriculum vitae to info@mfgroup.nl.

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