A business approach with a personal touch

A business approach with a personal touch

We implement our mission by adopting strategies that we have set out for the following areas:


  • With due care we ensure that incidents and accidents are avoided where possible.
  • We provide good information about every aspect concerning safety to all ship and shore personnel.
  • We ensure that vessels, ship and shore personnel comply with international legislation, regulations and requirements.


  • We reach agreements about repairs and maintenance of ships in time to encourage zero defects and to protect against corrosion, and to make sure the ships look good and well maintained.
  • We share our operational experiences with all parties concerned.
  • We ensure that the voyages are completed with the lowest possible risk of delays that are attributable to bad weather.
  • We make sure that the maximum speed is available continuously. 


  • By increasing the time between the maintenance stops we ensure that the total operating costs of the vessels are reduced constantly.
  • Relevant key figures are analysed with due care with the aim to improve productivity on board. 


  • We ensure compliance with existing national and international legislation regarding air and sea pollution.
  • Within the entire organisation there is a high level of awareness in respect of protecting the natural environment in which we operate.
  • We conduct an active policy to encourage developments that contribute to an environmentally friendly working method.
  • We do so by making systematic use of energy technologies that ensure maximum benefits against minimum expenditure on costs and resources.
  • There is plenty of attention to preventive monitoring of pollution and possible implications of future legislation at sea.
  • Our business operations are in accordance with ISO 14001 procedures for tankers. 


  • We ensure compliance with national and international safety-related legislation and bilateral agreements that are reached by the profit centres.
  • We ensure that all activities on board are performed to minimise the safety risks.
  • All available technical functions on board must be effective in limiting security risks to personnel, the vessel and the cargo - at sea and in the port.
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