Chief officer and Watch Officers

Chief Engineers and 2nd Engineers for dry goods

Job description

As a Chief Engineer you will have the end responsibility for all activities on board related to the technical maintenance of the vessel, in line with the shipowners’ policies. You will directly manage the engine room staff and you have the capability to motivate and train the crew.

As a Engineer you can perform work in the engine room independently both at sea and in port, localise and troubleshoot uncomplicated defects. You will also supervise the engine room and you are capable of temporarily taking over the tasks of the Chief Engineer.

Job requirements

  • The capacity to remain calm and in control and establish the right priorities under all circumstances
  • Flexibility, inventiveness and a high sense of responsibility 
  • A practical, team-oriented work attitude
  • Experience with sailing under icy conditions is an advantage
  • Certificate of Competency; Chief Engineer, Chief Mechanic up to 3,000 KW or unlimited
  • Experience with maintenance programmes
  • A good knowledge of English, both spoken and written
  • Good communication skills

What we offer

  • Various leave - sailing schedules
    • 12 weeks - 6 weeks
    • 2 months - 2 months
    • 4 months - 2 months
    • Other leave - sailing schedules can be discussed
  • A good salary
  • Excellent opportunities for training and education
  • Career advancement opportunities

More information and applications

More information about the vacancy and the career opportunities we offer? Please contact Loek Vader, Crew Manager Marin Ship Management, phone +31 596 63 39 11 or send you curriculum vitae to info@mfgroup.nl.

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