Diversiteit & Inclusiviteit MF Shipping Group

Wereldbol met mensen

MF Shipping Group would be very pleased with more  women working on board their vessels. Throughout 2019 there is a strong emphasis in the maritime world on the importance and value of women within the professional ranks and we fully agree with that.

The MF Shipping Group strives to increase the percentage of women within the shore based organisation and on board the vessels. We see it as our mission to attract and support more women and to promote more diversity within the maritime Industry.

We find a diversified workforce, both on board our ships and at the office,  one of our strongest assets. And we acknowledge that diversity enable us to better serve our customers, employees and our communities from a wide range of perspectives.

Diversity, Gender Equality and Inclusiveness are key in providing a sustainable future for the global maritime industry and our company. Making a difference starts by stepping up and contribute to a change for a better future for all of us. No matter how big or small, every contribution counts!

MF Shipping Group - Diversity, Gender Equity and Inclusion Statement


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