Latest news on the delivery of the Thun Liverpool

Latest news on the delivery of the Thun Liverpool
14 November 2019

On Wednesday 13 November, our business partner Thun Tankers took the delivery of the Third L-Class, named Thun Liverpool, at Avic Dingheng in China. Like her sister tankers, Thun Lidkoping and Thun London, she will enter the Gothia Tanker Alliance network with​

crewing and technical management done by MF Shipping Group.


Thun Liverpool upon delivery (002).jpg

This L-class ‘third’ tanker is built in a series of five resource efficient, high quality tankers that have been designed and developed in-house, using the ERIK Thun Group’s long experience of building sustainable high quality vessels. Focus on environmental car, new regulations and customers need has been key in design and building process of these vessel type.

Representative, on behalf of MF Shipping Group, Ivo Ramakers (project manager) signed the Protocol of delivery and acceptance of the vessel. 

Thun Liverpool delivery ceremony.jpg

Meet the crew, all nicely dressed before their first trip during the so-called 'Maiden Voyage' of the new tanker.The crew is being led by Captain Erik Driehuizen. We wish you all a save voyage and 
‘ Fair Winds and Following Seas’.
 Thun Liverpool first crew.jpg

Change of flag! The Thun Liverpool sails the Dutch flag with means that it will follow the regulation of the Dutch flag state nation’s such as the maritime law in the open sea and it will also avail different protections and preferential treatments as tax, certifications and security etc. as the Dutch  flag state benefits. 

crew and Dutch flag

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