Father and son on board

Generations of maritime passion and tradition

Sharing a similar maritime passion within the same company. At MF Shipping Group we are proud to have crew on board our vessels who are both family and colleagues! A good reason for us to interview these family members and find out more about the journey that led them to our company.

A story of seafaring generations. This time the story of father and son Raisuotis. Olegas is Chief Engineer onboard Thun Eos and his son Romanas is Chief Engineer onboard Thun Garland.

How did you both end up in the maritime world?

Olegas: I grew up in a seafaring family in a port town and, conveniently, the Marine College was just across the road from the house where my parents and I lived. This greatly influenced my decision to pursue a career in shipping. I qualified as a marine engineer in 1981. My first experience at sea was onboard a sailing vessel as a cadet. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working on a wide range of vessel types, including fi shing vessels, tugs, bulk carriers, timber carriers and tankers, in a variety of positions. These opportunities have taken me to many exotic countries, where I’ve even spent up to a year in one place.

Vessel sailing with a view

Romanas: My journey into the maritime industry began on 18 June 2011, when I embarked on my first contract as an engine cadet on board the vessel “CORONEL”, a modest coaster. Strangely enough, I have a lasting memory of all the ships I’ve been on. In June 2013, I successfully completed my studies and obtained a Master’s degree in marine engineering. On 1 February 2014, my career as an engineer officially began. I started as the fourth engineer on the large chemical tanker “mt RIMAR”. This period holds a special place in my memory as I achieved a signifi cant milestone by transitioning from an Engineer Cadet to an Engineer Officer while facing challenges in Africa, particularly in Nigeria where our vessel was detained. Fast forward less than 9 years and I now hold the esteemed position of Chief Engineer on the Thun Garland. Reflecting on the hurdles I’ve overcome during this time, I’m pleased with my professional growth and achievements.

Have you ever sailed together on a vessel?

Olegas: No, not yet. But who knows, maybe we’ll try a yacht on holiday ;)
Romanas: No, we haven’t sailed together on a ship. But we have crossed paths twice. Both times we worked for the same company. I think it was in 2018, I was on the ‘Thun Gratitude’ and my father was on the ‘Thun Granite’ in Dublin harbour. The second time was in 2022, when I was on the Thun Equality and my father was on the Thun Eos based in Slagen harbour. Both times were in November. The second time was quite interesting - I arrived during their coffee break and within 4 hours he was waving me goodbye as he signed off in this port.

Seafarers on the bridge

What did you learn from each other?

Olegas: We are in a constant state of learning, constantly exchanging experiences, sharing solutions to problems and various challenges. Romanas: : Learning from each other is a continuous process for us. Fortunately, we’re in the 21st century and we have Internet access on our ships. That goes for work. As for life’s moments, he gives me a wealth of wisdom. In his eyes, I’m still his child. I hope I’ll stay that way! His words will always carry a lot of weight for me.

Do you ever consult each other?

Olegas & Romanas: Absolutely, we’re lucky enough to have internet access on board, and if we encounter uncertainties, unknown problems or need information, we simply use our devices to connect. We both try to help each other as quickly and thoroughly as possible, even if it means putting our work aside for a moment.

What advice do you have for the new generation of seafarers?

Olegas: Trust yourself and always respect others.
Romanas: Follow your dreams, set goals and pursue them. Learn from your mistakes, gain experience and develop your own opinions - they will make you stronger. And above all, remember the famous phrase: “Don’t worry, be happy!

Father and son on board