Technical shipmanagement on sea

Technical shipping management

Maritime industry clients want to keep moving forward, without unnecessary obstacles. A day not spent at sea is a day without income, after all. It is therefore crucial that vessels are in perfect technical condition at all times. Reliable technical management forms the key to success for corporate continuity and is essential for the safety of seafaring crew.

Innovative solutions in shipping

A growing number of clients has come to trust in the support of the MF Shipping Group because of our highly-qualified and motivated team. This team takes care of ship maintenance and repairs, certification, purchasing and budgeting, with the utmost diligence. It is not only our technical expertise which distinguishes us, but also our innovative ideas and solutions aimed at cost control and improved efficiency at sea.

Maximum deployment of the performance of vessels

Our technical department works on a daily basis with the vessels, and with the crew, to ensure optimum shipping performance. With an eye to detail, the technical department undertakes modifications and upgrades for maximum deployment of the performance of vessels. The result is a fleet offering excellent performance, with attention for people, the planet and quality.

Our technical department guarantees the safety and reliability of the fleet, according to the strictest standards.

Technical shipmanagement on sea

Let’s take a look at their daily work:

  • Maintenance and repair: we ensure the vessels are kept in good condition and that they comply with all requirements. The technical department regularly conducts inspections on board the vessels in order to monitor maintenance and measure performance, making improvements where necessary.
  • Purchase and procurement: we manage the supply chain to have the right materials and requisites available on time.
  • Technical advice: We offer expert advice to improve the performance and efficiency of vessels.
  • Supervision of docking work: We supervise docking work to ensure correct execution.
  • Audits and inspections: We regularly conduct inspections and provide owners with feedback.
  • Budget management and cost control: We strive for cost efficiency through bulk purchasing and effective procurement.

Get to know our organisation

MF Shipping Group in Farmsum
MF Shipping Group is a global ship manager in the Netherlands, with a rich history stretching back to 1994. We manage a diverse fleet of vessels, varying from product and chemical tankers to multipurpose ships, efficient self-unloaders, specialised cement carriers and a roll-on-roll-off ship

Take a look at this video of the mv "Elisa K" during a cargo operation!