Nynas AB together with Erik Thun AB & MF Shipping Group

A Chat with Andrew Hamill – Nynas AB

Partner of Thun Tankers

On November 10, we celebrated the launch of the Thun Resource at the shipyard in Leer, Germany. Ulrika Hamill, godmother of the vessel and wife of Andrew Hamill, who's the Chartering Manager at Nynas AB, did the naming honors. The Thun Resource is set to be managed by MF Shipping Group and chartered by Nynas for a solid five years.

This launch kicks off a series of six sister vessels, known as the 'R-Class,' currently in the works by Shipyard Ferus Smit BV, with deliveries planned from 2024 onward. The Thun Resource is not your average ship – it's got adaptive propulsion to save energy, can plug into shore electricity, packs a UPS battery, sports the latest hull designs, and boasts super-efficient machinery.

Karin Orsel and Ulrika Hamill

These vessels are part of Thun Tankers' plan to upgrade their fleet, making sure they meet the future needs of their clients. We sat down with Andrew to dig deeper into these developments and see how they fit into their broader commitment to being eco-friendly.

So, what's Nynas all about? 

Nynas, a company with 95 years under its belt, deals with special oils. We have two refineries in Sweden and share another one with Shell in the UK. We produce Bitumen and Naphthenic Oils, used globally.

How's the teamwork with Thun Tankers been for Nynas? 

Our collaboration started in 2018 with ships like Wisby Verity, Thun Goliath, and Thun Gothenburg, moving our Naphthenic Oils and Distillates around North Europe and the Baltic.

As someone who's been with Thun for a while, how's MF Shipping Group as a ship manager? What makes this partnership great? 

MF Shipping Group is on top of things. They handle our ships well and tackle issues quickly and efficiently.

What's Nynas' vision for shipping? 

Shipping is crucial for us. We're all about getting better and being efficient, valuing partners who share a similar outlook.

Some might see Nynas as an oil company. Sustainability seems important. What's Nynas' take on sustainability? 

We focus on Sustainable Products, Health & Safety, Environment & Climate, and People & Society. Sustainability is woven into everything we do.

Seafarers working on the bridge

"MF Shipping Group is on top of things. They handle our ships well and tackle issues quickly and efficiently"

How does Nynas keep things smooth when moving products around?

Our Planning Departments for production, storage, transportation, and sales work together for efficient outcomes.

How does Nynas try to be eco-friendly during transportation? 

We make sure our ships are used efficiently and safely to deliver our products on time.

What does Thun shifting to eco-friendly vessels mean for Nynas?

It's fantastic! Thun going green aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals.

Any advice for MF Shipping Group? 

Keep up the good work. Your services are top-notch, and your care for your staff is clear. You're a valued partner in our operations.

"Congratulations to Thun Tankers and Nynas! The successful launch of the Thun Resource is a testament to the strength of partnership, and we express our sincere gratitude for the collaborative efforts that brought us to this milestone."

The Thun Resource was launched on 10 November 2023 at a ceremony at the shipyard in Leer, Germany.