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The 30-Years journey of Captain Leen Postma

Meet Captain Leen Postma, working for MF Shipping Group, since the very beginning! Talking to Leen, we had the pleasure of reflecting on his career.

Leen Postma

Successful launch of the Thun Reliance

The Thun Reliance was successfully launched on 3 May 2024. This is the 22nd tanker to be managed by MF Shipping Group.

Simon Grainge (Chief Executive ISWAN) sailing with the Thun London

"The Captain had made it very clear that the safety of his crew was always his first concern"

Thun London sailing on the Irish Sea

Exploring Collaboration - Nynas AB

"MF Shipping Group is on top of things. They handle our ships well and tackle issues quickly and efficiently"

MF Shipping Group at the launch

Home at sea - Father & Son Uzliakov

'I think I'm the new generation and the advice I'd like to give myself is "If you have a goal, go for it".'

Erik Thun AB: a relationship built on trust

‘We think of MF Shipping Group as part of our family. Visiting vessels is like meeting old friends.’ 

Erik Thun AB: a relationship built on trust

Successful launch of the Thun Resource

Thun Resource is the first in a series of environmentally friendly R-class sister vessels.

Launching Thun Resource

A shot in the dark

So far, my time as an apprentice at MF Shipping Group hasn’t let me down in any way. I have found a warm and close crew, wonderful mentors and a great learning environment. 

Jiwan Autar

A life full of variety at sea and ashore

Ivo Ramakers, Chief Projects & Information Officer, looks back on a varied life at sea and on land during his 25-year career in the maritime industry.

Ivo Ramakers at office MF Shipping Group

Meet our Health & Welfare specialist

Read how MF Shipping Group works at the health and well-being of our seafaring crew, thanks to our Health & Welfare Specialist. 

Sven Tilanus, Health & Welfare Specialist

Father & Son Raisoutis

We pride ourselves on being not only colleagues but also a close family on board our ships. This inspired us to interview family members who both sail with us.

Father & Son Raisoutis

Woman at the Helm

Captain Joanna Makal (37) is the boss of a gas tanker. It’s the pinnacle of her profession, she says. But getting there wasn't easy. 'I had to prove myself again and again.'

Joanna Makal captain working at MF Shipping Group