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Diversity and inclusivity in shipping

Well-being is key to the MF Shipping Group, and we embrace an inclusive and diverse approach for a positive impact on our employees, clients and partners. Our strive for a healthy working environment reflects our dedication to equal opportunities, diversity and respect. We recognise that well-being concerns not only physical health, but also an environment in which everyone feels appreciated and respected. This applies to all our stakeholders, from employees to clients and partners.

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An inclusive work environment

At MF Shipping Group, we work hard to promote an inclusive working environment, free from discriminatory or biased behaviour. This dedication is anchored in our code of conduct and is an integral part of our HR policy. In order to further support the well-being of our employees, we introduced the position of Crew Health & Welfare in 2022, with specific focus on improving the health and well-being of our seafaring crew members.

Promoting diversity in the maritime sector

All over the world, there is great emphasis on the importance of diversity in the maritime sector. We fully support this, and therefore regard diversity to be one of our core values. MF Shipping Group is working hard to increase the percentage of women employed within our organisation for example, both at the office and on board our ships. We have already achieved positive change within the office, with a gender distribution of 60% male and 40% female. A mere 1.5% of our seafaring crew is female. We are therefore aware that we need to make extra efforts to increase the number of female seafaring crew members. Women are of course very welcome on board, and we offer them all possible facilities.

The right person in the right position

Diversity is not simply about gender. The variation in our team of personnel, an employee database comprising more than 20 nationalities, is one of our greatest trump cards. We believe that this diversity of skills, experience and backgrounds renders our organisation stronger, more agile and more capable. We aim to have the right person in the right position.

Zero tolerance policy for a safe working environment

We have a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination and intimidation. Our dedication to a safe and pleasurable working environment means that we take a stance for equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of the colour of their skin, national or ethnic background, origin, age, religion, handicap or limitation, sex or gender. 


Our organisation complies with international standards, certified according to the Maritime Labour Convention, or MLC, of 2006, and has been accredited by local authorities. The MLC regulates the minimum requirements for seafarers, including terms of employment, accommodation, nutrition, catering, recreational facilities, health protection, healthcare, well-being, social security and financial security.

Diversity and inclusion, crew on board

Our Code of Conduct

Please also read our Code of Conduct to learn more about our values and our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. At MF Shipping Group, we are building a better future together, where everyone counts and every contribution is valuable.