Financial management for vessels

Financial management in shipping

Financial management is the backbone for sustainable success in the maritime sector. Our financial department is at home in all aspects of financial management, with specific expertise in the complex legislation and regulations which apply in international waters, and vary from country to country.

Management, analysis and monitoring of financial data

Thanks to our team of professionals, we have all the know-how and skills required to fully or partially undertake these challenges on behalf of our clients. We take responsibility for management, analysis and monitoring of financial data, as well as formulating and controlling detailed budgets with the utmost care, to safeguard a healthy financial position. This enables our clients to concentrate fully on their core activity: the realisation of efficient transport at sea. 

Financial shipmanagement on board

A number of aspects of our financial management:

  • Ship’s accounts: We guarantee that the financial data of each vessel or entity will always be kept up to date. This concerns income, from cargo rates and charter contracts for example, and expenditure, including fuel costs, port fees and crewing costs. We also keep close control of the cash flow. 
  • Additional services: We offer tailored services, covering a wide range of aspects. We are specialised in formulating annual accounts, providing detailed monthly reports, right through to consolidation of financial data. We also provide financial advice, for example when buying or selling vessels.