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Working effectively with manning agencies

The key to quality seafarers

Crew management is the heart of every successful and safe maritime operation. At MF Shipping Group, we place a high value on carefully selecting the right people on board. We recognise our seafarers' invaluable contribution and understand that our success depends on their dedication and skills.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our team, which comprises different nationalities. To ensure that we have skilled and motivated seafarers who are an excellent fit for MF Shipping Group, we rely on the expertise of our partners: Conautic Maritime, Memeco Recruitment, Nordvegr, and C-Crew Management. Their extensive experience and professional approach to crew management enable us to recruit officers and crew members who meet our standards, ensuring that our vessels operate safely and efficiently.

At the Company Days event in Manila, we met with Cecilia S. Peralta, Operations Manager of Conautic.

Can you tell us about the history of the Philippines as a maritime nation?

The Philippines has long been recognized as one of the largest sources of skilled seafarers, providing labor to various international shipping companies since the 1970s.

Back then, the global shipping scene underwent significant changes. Economic downturns, such as the 1973 and 1979 oil crises, prompted shipowners to seek cost-cutting measures. That is when they began registering their vessels under flags of convenience (FOC), which allowed them to hire seafarers from places like the Philippines, where labor costs were lower than in other regions.

This shift was more than just about saving money; it created opportunities for the Philippines to become a key player in supplying seafarers worldwide. It is a story of age-old seafaring customs meeting modern global demands. Today, Filipino seafarers continue to make waves in the maritime industry, sustaining worldwide trade and connecting nations across the seas.

Team Conautic, partner of MF Shipping Group

Team Conautic

How would you describe the cooperation with MF Shipping Group?

I've been with Conautic for quite some time now, and while our collaboration with MF Shipping Group is good, it hasn't always been seamless. Our ongoing partnership has resulted in a more connected and engaged environment. You truly feel valued and supported here. Despite the time difference, we've managed to create a space where we can express ourselves, brainstorm ideas, learn from one another, and appreciate different perspectives.

Collaboration can be complex and ever-changing, but it is a beautiful concept in the workplace. At the end of each day, we strive for fair and mutually beneficial outcomes that meet our common goals.

MF Shipping Group's
memberships include

What are the characteristics that distinguish MF Shipping Group?

What sets apart MF Shipping Group is that, firstly, they have a well-thought-out and executed plan. Second, they have a balanced and respected crew rotation plan. Thirdly, they actively promote a healthy working environment and awareness. Finally, their ability to connect with and engage with their people sets them apart.

MF Shipping Group aims to promote diversity and inclusion within its organization. What does this mean for recruitment through Conautic?

Recruiting qualified seafarers is crucial; however, promoting diversity and inclusion can set you apart when seeking the best candidates. Diversity refers to the unique traits and characteristics that make people different, while inclusion pertains to the behaviors and social norms that ensure everyone feels welcome. While these two concepts are distinct, they must work together to bring people under one roof. In this case, that place is the MF Shipping Group through Conautic.

What is your biggest challenge now and in the future?

Staying ahead of the game in recruitment is paramount. It is a continuing challenge that spans yesterday, today, and tomorrow. To maintain our position at the forefront, we must adopt a continuous and effective recruitment strategy coupled with long-term planning. This approach is essential for maintaining a steady flow of talent and achieving a 100% retention rate. By remaining proactive and strategic in our recruitment efforts, we can ensure that MF Shipping Group through Conautic continues to be a destination of choice for top-tier seafarers.

Working effectively with manning agencies

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