New Building News

New Building News
20 July 2020

The countdown has begun! 

Since March 2020, our project team is assisting our German customer, Bereederungsgesellschaft Alstership mbH & Co. KG, their new building project. This project concerns the supervision and coating process of three new build  dry cargo vessels in order to renew their present fleet.



The vessels of the "Bodewes Trader 5150 DWAT" type" are to be completely built at the shipyard of Royal Bodewes in the Hoogezand area and are listed with the following newbuilding numbers:
733, 734 and 735.

The first vessel No 733 is scheduled for launching on 25th August. The 2nd vessel will be delivered in the beginning Q2 2021 and the third vessel is scheduled for delivery at the end of Q2 2021.

The vessels will be built in compliance with  the latest shipping standards and will ensure the continuation of the customers fleet for the upcoming years.

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