Christening and Launch of the Thun Empower

Champagne and superstition at the festive christening and launch of construction number FS452 at the Ferus Smit shipyard in Leer (Germany) Tuesday 27 July 2021. Read more >

Christening and launch of the Elisa K

Elisa K was successfully christened and launched at 11am on March 26, 21. For this time of the year the weather was exceptionally beautiful.  The Elisa K is the third and last new-build vessel to be built in a series of three “Eco Traders 5150. The ceremony took place at the Royal Bodewes… Read more >

Naming and Launching of the Thun Equality

The alternative christening ceremony took place during a special online venue. On Monday March 1, Thun Equality was launched in an online event where she was named by God Mother Margareta Alestig, Chairman of the Board of Erik Thun AB. Thun Equality is the third product tanker, powered by gas,… Read more >

The Neptune Declaration

The COVID-19 pandemic has led hundreds of thousands of seafarers becoming stranded on ships much beyond the expiry of their contracts. Despite significant efforts by international organizations, government, industry associations, labour unions, NGO’s and individual companies, the issues, though… Read more >

Successful launch of the Elisabeth K

Under strict COVID-19 requirements and protocols, the second newbuilding in a series of three new built Eco Traders 5150 – dwt, has been successfully launched. Read more >
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