Open Vacancies Office personnel

Open Vacancies Office personnel

Facilitate is what we do. We make sure that vessels can sail, that they have crew, that the crew is informed and that everything is arranged in the best possible way. A large part of this work is prepared and completed by our office on shore.

Crew Training & Prevention specialist (32 - 36 hours)

As the Crew Training & Prevention Specialist, you will ensure that our seafaring colleagues comply with the training and educational requirements in accordance with statutory regulations and supplementary maritime training required. You are also the c

Crew Health & Welfare specialist (32 - 40 hours)

As the Crew Health & Welfare Specialist, you visit vessels on a regular basis, mainly in Europe, and you formulate policy and organise activities aimed at the Mental Health & Welfare of seafaring employees. You offer assistance to employees who ar

Planned Maintenance Specialist (40 hours)

As Planned Maintenance Specialist you ensure the availability of an up-to-date database with all the spare parts that are required on our vessels. A database where all the relevant information is brought together and retrievable in a coherent and consiste
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