A letter to our seafarers!

A letter to our seafarers!
25 June 2019

The aim of celebrating the Day of the Seafarer is to tell the world that seafarers are unique and above all indispensable for seaborne trade and the world economy and that ultimately we all depend on our seafarers.  We embrace  ‘ The 2019 campaign – I Am On Board with gender Equality –   wholeheartedly.  Throughout 2019 there is a strong emphasis in the maritime world on the importance and value of women within the professional ranks and we fully agree with that.

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MF shipping Group is very pleased to have women working on board their vessels. We see it as our mission to attract and support more women and to promote Gender equality  within the maritime Industry. Gender equality, diversity and inclusiveness are  key in providing a sustainable future for the global maritime industry and our company. Making a difference starts by stepping up and contribute to a change for a better future for all of us. Every contribution how big or small counts!
#MFSGisOnBoard– Karin Orsel CEO MF Shipping Group.

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Seafarers remain the most important aspect of ship operations and they have an important role in the ‘The World of MF Shipping Group’. We truly believe we should thank you every day of the year for your selfless service not just on certain days. For us this special day is an excellent way to show our appreciation and to highlight how important you all are for us because we can depend on your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

On behalf of the board of Directors, Management team and all office colleagues’ we salute you and we say:  Thank you for the hard work and sacrifice you make every day.

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Karin Orsel – CEO
Theo Dik – CFO
Marcel Marree – Manager Crew Department 


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