Invitation to online launching of NaabsaMAX

For the first time in our (company) history a digital invitation was sent to hundreds of relations to follow the online naming –and launching ceremony of the first NaabsaMAX. The launching was scheduled the 31e of august at the shipyard of Ferus Smit in Leer, Germany. Given the fact that … Read more >

Christening and Launch Elke K

Under strict COVID-19 public health requirements and protocols, the first newbuilding in a series of three new Eco Traders 5150 – dwt, has been successfully launched. The ceremony was grandly held at the Royal Bodewes Shipyard in Hoogezand (Netherlands). Consequently the launch ceremony, … Read more >

An extraordinary and unusual crew change!

An extraordinary and unusual crew change took place on May 13 when Viktor Gavrilov was passing the border of Finland to Russia on a bike. The term of Viktor Gavrilova ended on May 12. He looked forward going back home in Russia to enjoy his well-earned leave. His journey back home started in… Read more >

New Building News

Since March 2020, our project team is assisting our German customer, Bereederungsgesellschaft Alstership mbH & Co. KG, their new building project. This project concerns the supervision and coating process of three new build dry cargo vessels in order to renew their present fleet. Read more >

Horns for Hope -#HeroesAtSeaShoutout on Wednesday 8 July at 12.00 local time.

Horns for Hope -#HeroesAtSeaShoutout on Wednesday 8 July at 12.00 local time. We strongly encourage our seafarers at MF Shipping Group, if work permits (as is safe to do so and in compliance with local regulations) to make a 10 second movie and use social media to highlight this action by using the… Read more >
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