Marin Ship Management: Leading in tankers

Marin Ship Management: Leading in tankers

In the tanker segment Marin Ship Management is considered to be one of the leading shipping companies. Its tankers sail for the top 10 oil companies and with good reason. We stand out because of our excellent vetting results. This means that oil companies' audits demonstrate that  MF Shipping Group has everything perfectly in order. For example, hazardous substances are transported sustainably with the highest possible levels of safety. We also have a comprehensive quality system and wide-ranging experience in careful inspection of tankers. This means the tankers are fit for purpose, but they also comply with all the safety requirements and applicable regulations.

Tanker fleet

MF Shipping Group has a large product, oil and chemical tanker fleet that sails under its full management. The tankers mainly sail for trading purposes in northwest Europe and the west coast of Africa. By far the largest part of the vessels sails under the Dutch flag.

Tanker management

Attention to safety and sustainable shipping are decisive success factors as far as we're concerned. Clients recognise this in the certainty and validation we offer. For example, the fleet of Marin Ship Management is ISM (International; Safety Management), ISPS (International Ship and Port facility Security) and MLC (Maritime Labour Convention) certified. All tanker vessels of Marin Ship Management B.V are ISO14001:2015 certified and are complying with TMSA 3. We are continuously looking for new opportunities and innovations to optimise safety and to encourage sustainable shipping.


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