Check out our company days: where our seafaring crew and onshore teams all meet up together.

Check out our company days. It’s time for sea and land to come together, allowing seafaring crew and office staff to meet up as one big maritime family. Our company days are not just any old days; they are opportunities for our team to truly come together, as a close-knit family.

Building a relationship between the teams

Our days are organised serveral times a year: in the Netherlands,  in the Philippines and at another location abroad. These days are the beating heart of our company.

Our company days are always theme based, and focused on information, learning, interaction and of course meeting each other in person. By undertaking fun things together, we truly get to know each other, building a mutual relationship and improving our collaboration. Whether it’s an amusing evening of karaoke and a BBQ in the Philippines, sporty challenges or a stimulating pub quiz: it’s all about creating a relationship.

Company days in the Netherlands

Sharing experiences together

Seeing as much of our interaction takes place online and colleagues are at sea for lengthy periods, it’s important that we actually meet up in person. Seafaring crew and the office staff who steer the ship from the coastline, can meet each other and share experiences. During our company days, we come together to learn, laugh, talk and understand each other. 

Discussions during Company Days