MFG Seafarers Fund

On 8 November 2013, typhoon Haiyan swept over the central part of the Philippine Islands, causing an unmitigated disaster and chaos. Thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands of people lost everything they owned. The images which reached us, were deeply disturbing.

Palompon City, in the Leyte province of the Philippines, was also severely hit by this disaster. As partners in the maritime industry, we are very familiar with this region, as many of our Philippine seafaring crew and their families live here. We also have strong ties to the Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT) and the Netherlands Shipping Training Centre (NSTC).

In turn, this led to the establishment of the MFG Seafarers Fund. As we believe strongly in neighbourly duty, we have decided to boost our efforts and to lend a helping hand to those who are most in need of our support, both in and beyond the Philippines, through donations from the fund.

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