Proudly resurrected: mv Helge

Proudly resurrected: mv Helge
23 June 2023

We remember it vividly. On Friday morning, 9 September 2022, we received the shocking news that our beloved ship, mv Helge, had been involved in a collision off the coast of Denmark. The ship had suffered considerable damage and appeared to be badly battered. Thankfully the crew were safe. On Wednesday 21 June, after months of relentless repair work, we are pleased to announce that mv Helge is ready to sail the seas again! 

This incredible achievement would not have been possible without the dedicated cooperation of our partners, Niestern Sanders, and the amazing subcontractors who worked tirelessly at the docking sites in Farmsum/Delfzijl. Together we have brought the Helge back to life.

Helge in dock

Bart Volgers, managing director of Niestern Sander, looked back on the moment when the Helge docked during the festive handover. He well remembers the pictures of the heavily damaged ship. MF Shipping Group awarded the contract to the local shipyard and on 15 November 2022, the Helge arrived at the shipyard - towed by village member Amasus - for extensive repairs. A wonderful collaboration of maritime forces in Delfzijl.

After several months of intensive repairs, with complex schedules and tight deadlines, the ship is as good as new. The Helge is proudly resurrected and ready to sail the seven seas again. It is a great achievement and a fine example of strong and constructive cooperation, for which Bart Volgers would like to thank everyone involved at Niestern Sander, the subcontractors and the MF Shipping Group.

Special thanks go to Technical Superintendent Michiel de Ridder from MF Shipping Group and project manager Kris Klasens from Niestern Sander, whose expertise and dedication ensured that the complex repair went smoothly. The captain also received a nice gift for the ship from the managing director.

On behalf of ship owner Erik Thun AB and MF Shipping Group (Helge's ship manager), we would like to sincerely thank all those involved for their tireless commitment and hard work. Together, we have shown what is possible when we join hands and build a strong cooperation.

Our appreciation also goes to the resilience of the captain and crew and we commend your strength and courage. As you embark on new journeys, our wishes for your safety and well-being accompany you on every voyage. This chapter marks a new beginning for mv Helge and we have no doubt that she will sail the seas with confidence and courage!

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